Motebang Phalatse | Project Manager | Head Office | FNB Lesotho


The concept of goal setting play a very big role in real life. It is not necessarily to have big goal but small goals I set for myself will help me achieve the ultimate one which will most contribute to the entire or overall personal life and business environment. I have learned to set goals daily for myself.


I should allow my Reticular Activating System work by not setting too vague goals. By being not too vague sharpens my awareness.

The understanding of writing affirmation has helped a lot by now having to visualize my goals at present. I now write goals as though they are already accomplished. The concept of Gestalt also comes in when I fix things and put them back to order. I also build resilience through affirmation. My self-talk is controlled and also got to know that difficulty is not a weakness, it is a challenge that will make me strong and tough.


Having gone through leadership styles, I know where I am currently standing and know where to mix or be flexible when dealing with people I work with. I mostly prefer where everyone is accountable, where we have co-responsibility. 


I started to have a list of 10 tasks that need to be completed. As I go along, I keep telling myself all possible ways to kill these tasks. This improves effectiveness and performance and leads to success. Though there might be challenges with external stakeholders that might hinder success and that is where I need to be flexible by applying option thinking.


With all being said: I make each day count, keep a positive attitude as I can’t choose or control my circumstances but I can choose my attitude towards my circumstances. I do not quit when I experience a setback or frustration as success could be just around the corner.


There are still more useful tools and techniques learned from Pacific Institute to be practiced as and when I am developing daily within my entire lifecycle, be it personal or at a work environment. This is great experience as some of activities learned were not been aware of until I attended the course.


All above activities if well planned, practiced and implemented will contribute to individual success which will also lead to successful business environment. 

Thanks for great opportunity to be part of the delegates.

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