Rukeiya Frangeskides | Senior Facilities Manager, Infrastructure and Procurement | FNBZ Operations | 


The 3 day workshop was certainly a reminder to what I  already knew but just forgot to take a reality check on a daily basis. In saying this, I lost mere simple values of appreciating oneself, family , friends and colleagues.


During the course, it was an awakening  and I tried since then just to do small gestures and I must say I feel better every day. It is however so easy to get back into the same old rut.


From a work perspective , I have always been outspoken but really assertive, no nonsense and no time for lazy people. I am addressing this situation to have some time to train, coach and this way I measure real value rather than my expected value. I was once told by a CEO of the bank, that what I know others are still getting to grips and learning. I need to remember this!


Change is constant(No issue with this) - My relationship with the new COO(line manager) is open door policy and I will certainly be open to ask him for assistance in need.

Looking forward to the next three days. I am hoping to achieve

"less stress and enjoy life and work"

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