Luyanga Mufungulwa | Head: Customer Dealing & Sales | Foreign Exchange | FNB Zambia


What can I say, the experience has just been so eye opening and as an ardent student of personal development, I was pleasantly surprised to learn of concepts that I have never encountered before. For example, I never knew what a Scotoma was until I saw only 3 of the F’s on the card shown to me during phase 1. The 3 concepts that resonated with me the most were:


  • 1st Nature and 2nd Nature and how our beliefs are all learned.
  • Improving the quality of my subconscious to move me from my current reality to the Vision
  • CHIVE – particularly the V for vulnerability. I had previously thought that allowing myself to be vulnerable was a sign of weak leadership but after the model was clearly explained, I began to realise that actually it was a sign of strength. Marc shared 2 TED videos where Brene Brown talks about the subject and it was so enlightening. I have since incorporated this as one of the values that I live by and now I am more willing to put myself out there and take more risks.


I am not sure whether this is the format that you needed my response in but all I can say is that I have been greatly impacted by the course and that I have already implemented some of the ideas and concepts learned both in my professional and personal life.

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