Introduction to It Starts With Me & It's Up to Me!

The Pacific Institute's Pupil Materials for 6 – 12 year olds In recent years, the thousands of primary school teachers, in a number of countries worldwide and especially in England, who have participated in "Investment in Excellence" have seen the possibilities that the concepts offer to pupils and have regularly requested adapted programmes. In response to this demand, we are pleased to offer two new sets of materials:

It Starts With Me for six to eight year olds and It's Up to Me! for eight to twelve year olds. These programmes have been designed by teachers alongside staff from The Pacific Institute and are based on 10 key concepts of Investment in Excellence. We believe that the combination of teachers who are well versed in the concepts of It Starts With Me and It's Up to Me!, presenting this material in their classrooms, will make a significant contribution to the growth of children's self-esteem, aspiration and motivation. Teachers are therefore required to have participated in Investment in Excellence before working with the pupil materials.

How this Programme Works
The materials consist of a Teacher's Manual for each year group. The concepts are presented in a format that includes a section for the teacher's individual reflection prior to the application of the pupil activities, as well as instructional materials.

The purpose of this layout is two-fold:

i) to engage the teacher in creating the culture and environment that enable the concepts to become embedded in the classroom
ii) to then engage the pupils in developing strategies and techniques that will enable them to achieve more of their potential.

The interactive pupil materials offer developmentally appropriate activities for each age group. As the child's cognitive development progresses, the presentation of these core concepts becomes incrementally more complex for each year group. The intention of the writers was to make the materi also as easy as possible in terms of demand upon teachers' time in relation to preparation and forethought. It is understood that teachers will choose and adapt activities appropriate to the needs of their classes. The student activity pages are provided as photocopy-able pages from the Teachers' Manuals.

Unlike a pre-printed activity book that can only be used once, this format offers a number of benefits to the user. Materials may be printed according to individual preference, either in colour or black and white, as many times as the user wishes during the licence period.

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