After more than 30 years of successfully increasing self-esteem and achievement in adults and older teenagers, The Pacific Institute has developed Go For It!, a programme specifically designed to help 14-16 year-olds become more successful in all areas of their lives - at school, at home, in sports - wherever they want to improve or do better. There is now widespread recognition in the education community that raising self-esteem is one of the keys to increasing academic achievement. At the same time, the pressure to raise academic standards makes it vital that the emotional intelligence and coping skills of pupils are developed alongside their scholas-tic achievement. In order to do this, schools need to provide young people with techniques to help them think more effectively, recognise the value of setting goals and cope with the pressures they are under.

Go For It! provides a powerful toolkit to help young people deal with the issues they face. It helps them see that they have choices, and that they can take more control and can cause good things to happen in their lives if they want to. Like Investment In Excellence, our adult programme (now being implemented in 33% of the UK's Local Education Authorities), Go For It! has gained widespread acclaim in the educational community for its ability to enhance performance and raise standards through improving attendance, behaviour and participation.



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