Growing up is full of challenges, contradictions and pressures. It has always been this way, but these days, everything seems to be on a much larger scale. The entertainment industry fills our minds with who we should aspire to be and what we should be doing with our lives. Advertisers tell us what to wear, how to look, and what music to listen to. Positive, productive role models for our children are harder and harder to find. Career choices are no longer simple. Traditional industries are disappearing, while new ones arrive, demanding greater skills from employees. Immediate employment out of University is no longer a "done deal." The critical thinking skills necessary to making the best career choices are not always taught in school. Unfortunately a large percentage of kids don't even get to Tertiary education. For the teen making the transition from adolescent to adult, it can be a confusing and frightening time. To give our youth the tools to make this transition easier, and set them on a path to a successful, purposeful life, we introduce PX2™ – the next generation in success.

What does PX2 stand for?
PX2™ stands for Pathway to eXtreme eXcellence (Squared)! A course that teaches young people to think about their thinking in order to move forward on their pathway to excellence in any area of life. PX2™is the latest product to come from The Pacific Institute (Inc.), a Seattle based company that has been on the
"bleeding edge" of elevating individual performance and culture change for nearly 40 years.

About the programme.
PX2™ was developed to help young people recognize that they do have choices in life. By understanding how the human mind works, how their current beliefs and attitudes shape their expectations for the future, our youth learn that they are in control of the way they think, and can use that power to change the way they live their lives.

Why is PX2 so important?
PX2™ is so important because it deals with content and material that most young people are not getting from any other source. It comes from credible Cognitive Science research recognised psychologists such as Dr Albert Bandura, Dr. Martin Seligman, and many others. It has become clear that the cognitive model of psychology is a very valuable tool for optimising potential. PX2™ takes the mystique out of the psycho-babble, and enables anyone to apply the principles in manageable, sustainable ways in any area of their life.

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