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I started my career in HR in 1994 – This was a very exciting time for me as I did not really understand the full spectrum of how HR can influence and support a business to be truly successful. The first few years of my corporate life I fulfilled various roles within HR from very junior to very senior. However I realized that the companies that are successful are those that really look after their people on a personal level. It is not just about the processes, the finances and the governance but how you can get the people aligned and operating at their full potential.


I had the great opportunity to attend the Investment in Excellence program through The Pacific Institute in 2002/2003. This program changed my life. This program  works on three levels, Individual, team and organisational level.


As a result of this program I changed my leadership style and the way I engage with my stakeholders and colleagues while focusing on living a more purposeful life. It also gave me the skills as a leader to influence the lives of the people around me to help them achieve their full potential, and create a very efficient team.


Before I  started my own company in 2016 I was the HR Executive at a global Financial services company for their operations in Sub Sahara Africa. We took the HR team through the Investment in Excellence program in 2011. As a result of this we changed our strategy, we confirmed our team values and the way we operate and engage with the business. We changed the HR function completely at every level in the organisation. In five years we moved the HR function from the most inefficient to one of the top 5 HR functions for the company. The best results for us was when our Performance management, Talent management and Diversity and Inclusivity processes and policies were used as best practice guidelines globally.  The HR team become an integral part of the business with the ability to influence key strategic decisions at all levels of the organisation. The team also had their own personal successes.


  • One of our HR Managers just took on the opportunity to become the HR Executive for an Engineering firm in South Africa.
  • Our Head Learning and Development was transferred to Europe to fulfill a global role for the company.


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